Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

By having a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home or office, you could enjoy some of these potential benefits ranging from increased energy and more positive mood to decreased allergy symptoms due to a stronger immune system.

More Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits:

Cleaner and deodorised air

Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms

Ease coughing

Increase energy levels

Neutralise electromagnetic radiation

Better sleep

Improve mood and concentration

Treat seasonal affective disorder

Reduce static electricity in the air


Plus, the natural colour, texture and patterns of each Himalayan Salt Lamp makes it great to look at and a beautiful addition to any space! So not only could you get health benefits, it also picks up any room or office!

Result may vary but that’s because we’re all so different: from our bodies and our ailments, from our homes, offices and surroundings to the size, type and quality of the salt lamp.

Check out our range of salt lamps and find the right one for you. Or if you’d prefer something smaller, look at our salt candle holders. Also, if you’re not already using Himalayan Salt in your cooking, you should definitely give it a try! And if you’ve never received a Himalayan salt stone massage, you’re clearly missing out!